Episode 11 Recap | Power Slap: Road To The Title Season 2

Recap All The Action, From The House To What Happened At The Striker’s Podium, On Episode 11 Of Power Slap: Road To The Title Season 2

The second round of the Power Slap: Road To The Title season 2 competition has showcased some big-time talent. Now it’s time to catch up on everything that’s happened on the groundbreaking reality show on Rumble and PowerSlap.com.

Episode 11 jumped right into fight day for welterweights Zach “Dub-Z” Zane and Chris “Fully Metal” Debow.

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The episode flashes back to Debow’s three Power Slap matches he’s had so far, going 2-1 with his only loss coming against Power Slap 6 welterweight title challenger, and his coach, Manny Muniz. He believes those experiences have him more than prepared to beat Zane and move on to compete on Power Slap 6.

Debow won the coin toss and he elected to strike first, with his right on three. Zane ate the strike and blew Debow a kiss, but he flinched on the strike. Debow’s second strike resulted in the exact same thing. A good strike from Debow but a flinch from Zane, prompting Debow to get yet another strike in the first round. This time Zane didn’t flinch, but it was a great strike from Debow. Zane ate it, but he was already wearing damage and it was just the first half of the first round.

Zane’s strike missed a little high and caused Debow to laugh it off. Clear round to Debow.

Debow’s second strike landed right on the mark, but Zane didn’t move. It was an impressive display from Zane, but he had an uphill climb after a tough first round. Zane’s second strike wasn’t perfect and was nearly a club, but it made an impact on Debow.

The final round started off with a strike from Debow, which Zane ate and responded by blowing him a kiss. Likely down 2-0, Zane needed a massive round to steal the decision from Debow. Zane went right on two and hit a little high again and drew a reaction from Debow.

It was a good match, and the judges were split on the winner. In somewhat of a shocker, it was Zane who earned the win and moved on to compete on Power Slap 6.

Coach Muniz and Debow were furious with the result. Meanwhile, Zane was emotional after the win. He ate six strikes and explains that he’s built tough like his hometown of Maui.

“This one could have truly gone either way,” Power Slap Founder Dana White said.

The final matchup of the season moved into the spotlight, as Team Muniz’s Brian “Predator” Ellis and Team KO Chris’ Eviahn “Waterboy” Scott get their second chance after losing earlier in the competition.

Scott works with KO Chris on his placement, which was the main cause for his disqualification loss earlier in the competition. As a super heavyweight, he has great defense and a solid chin, but he knows he needs to get out of his head to show out at the striker’s podium.

Ellis moved up from heavyweight for this match. He was disqualified after knocking out his opponent in the first round, but he did so with a stepping foul. White was so impressed by Ellis’ power that he had to keep him around. Ellis focused on bulking up and adding some force ahead of the matchup with Scott.

“Both of these guys have tremendous potential and that’s why I’m keeping these guys around,” White said. “This is the perfect fight to end the season.”

Scott won the coin toss and elected to strike first, with his right on the second mark. Scott landed clean for the first time in the competition, and it was clear that he’s got all the power that White was expecting to see. He dropped Ellis, who took a few seconds to gather himself but was able to fully recover.

Ellis went right on three and missed Scott’s chin, hitting him with a club in the neck and costing him a point. Scott leaned over the podium and taunted Ellis after the strike.

Scott elected to strike right on two again and his placement was on the money once more, connecting clean and driving Ellis back a few steps. Ellis recovered and decided to strike left with his second strike.

The switch up couldn’t have worked out better for Ellis. He landed clean and he dropped Scott to the stage. The 350-pound super heavyweight was able to find his feet and beat the ten count to recover.

Scott went back to his old ways in the third round, as he missed and clubbed Ellis, which caused him to lose a point. Ellis went left on two again and found success yet again. He dropped Scott and, this time, Scott wasn’t able to recover.

Ellis won the match by third round TKO. It was a heck of a comeback and super impressive for a guy competing up a weight class and giving up 70 pounds to his opponent.

“What a way to cap off the competition,” White said. “I could not be happier that I kept these guys around.

“I know we have some future champions in the mix,” White added as the season came to a close. “I’m very excited for the live event on February 9.”

Power Slap President Frank Lamicella recapped all the athletes that earned a spot on Power Slap 6:

Branden Bordeaux, Makini Manu, Logan Greenhalgh, Garrett Blakesslee, Garret Grimes, Zach Zane, Eddie Brahimir, Danie Heerden, and Brian Ellis.

He also listed all the competitors that competed in the semifinals who didn’t win their matches: Eviahn Scott, Joe Landman, Chris Debow, Hayden Southall, Merlis Muusikus, Delvin Hamlett, Amir Nuriddeen, Cody Vallo, and Cody Belisle.

All of those strikers earned a spot on the roster despite coming up short in the competition.

The final thing to happen on the season was the coin toss for the Power Slap 6 main event, the welterweight title match between KO Chris and Manny Muniz. The toss went in favor of Muniz, who will strike first on February 9.

The two went face to face and the trash talk reached an all-time high. It’s going to be settled live on Rumble in just a few weeks.

And with that, that is a wrap on Road To The Title season 2. It was bigger and better than season one.