Episode 10 Recap | Power Slap: Road To The Title Season 2

Recap All The Action, From The House To What Happened At The Striker’s Podium, On Episode 10 Of Power Slap: Road To The Title Season 2

The second round of the competition has showcased some big-time talent, and it’s clear that Power Slap: Road To The Title season 2 is only going to get more wild. Catch up on everything that’s happened on the groundbreaking reality show on Rumble and PowerSlap.com.

Episode 10 jumped right into fight day for super heavyweights Danie Van Heerden and Cody Vallo.

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Van Heerden trash talks Vallo non-stop at the house prior to their match. Van Heerden’s words got to Vallo, but the Team KO Chris striker chose to save his anger for their matchup – that’s when he’ll make his move.

Vallo won the coin toss and elected to strike first with his right hand on three. Vallo connected and immediately Van Heerden smiled and gave him a finger wag to let him know that he was unaffected by the strike. The referee also called Vallo for a clubbing foul on the strike.

Van Heerden showed why they call him “The Pitbull,” striking with his right on three. The strike was right on the money and sent Vallo falling backward. Vallo made it up to his feet, but the referee kept evaluating Vallo and determined that the match was over. Van Heerden totally backed up his trash talk and celebrated by lifting up his shirt and revealing his belly, which drew a giant smile from Power Slap founder Dana White.

After the match White couldn’t have given a more glowing review of the South African striker.

“Danie Van Heerden is exactly the kind of super heavyweight we are looking for in this sport,” White said. “He’s got the power, he’s got the chin, and he’s got the personality.”

White also mentioned that he can’t wait to see Van Heerden compete at Power Slap 6 on February 9.

The next match of the tournament goes to light heavyweight strikers who earned byes heading into Road To The Title. It’s Team KO Chris’ Coltin “The Truth” Cole vs Team Muniz’s Cody “Bodacious” Belisle.

While training at the UFC APEX, UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland decided to drop into training and Cole stepped up to do a little boxing with the champ. In his combat sports career, Cole has competed in professional boxing and MMA. In the sparring match, Strickland hit Cole with a body shot and put him down and put an end to the training.

Shortly after, Cole was feeling pretty sore from the sparring with Strickland. He felt a bump on his rib and immediately started trying to work on recovery. He was having difficulty rotating.

The attention turns to getting to know Belisle, who quickly struck up a friendship with super heavyweight Makini Manu. Both strikers opening up about their personal struggles and that leads to learning about Belisle’s background and why he got into Power Slap.

Cole gets checked out by the Power Slap doctor and they determine that Cole has to be removed from the competition – all because he decided to spar with Strickland.

“You got one opportunity,” KO Chris said after they decided to pull Cole.

With Cole removed from the competition, Garrett “Flaco” Blakesslee steps in to face Belisle.

Belisle believes Blakesslee is insecure and his focus isn’t there, even saying that his foe’s debut was “pathetic.” At the weigh-ins, Belisle didn’t hold back on his trash talk, setting the matchup to be very heated.

Blakesslee won the coin toss and elected to strike first, with his right hand on three. Blakesslee clubbed on the strike, and it prompted Belisle to start the mental warfare before his own strike. He let Blakesslee know it was his turn and that his strike was going to be much more effective.

Belisle went left on three and landed a perfect strike that turned Blakesslee to the side. The body language didn’t look good and there was no verbal confirmation from Blakesslee that the strike didn’t hurt him. He recovered, but it was clear that Belisle’s first strike was a good one.

But Blakesslee bounced-back in a big way in round two. He landed a great strike that dropped Belisle to the stage floor. Belisle got up before the ten count and recovered, but boy, oh boy, was it a great strike from Blakesslee. Belisle’s second strike looked exactly like his first one. It was right on the money and turned Blakesslee to the side, but once again, he ate it.

With the match likely coming down the third round, Blakesslee built off his round two success, striking Belisle with a devastating slap that sent Belisle to the ground. Belisle wasn’t able to get back up and it went down as a KO for Blakesslee. It was a great performance from Blakesslee and showed that he was able to step up on short notice and continue to evolve his game. He’ll show that next step when he competes at Power Slap 6.

“Once he cleans up his technique and cleans up those clubbing fouls, he’s going to be a force in the light heavyweight division,” White said.

The episode ends by spotlighting the second-round welterweight matchup between Team Muniz’s Ed “Slambo” Smith and Team KO Chris’ Zach “Dub-Z” Zane.

At the faceoffs, something seemed off about Smith. He approached Coach Muniz and told him that he’s going to quit the competition. He was having bad dreams about his round one knockout win over Sean Kilmartin. He doesn’t believe that this is for him and quits the day before the fight.

Chris “Full Metal” Debow, who had to leave the competition earlier in the season due to a bad weight cut and was replaced by Smith, was healthy and ready to replace the man who replaced him.

Debow vs Zane was officially on.

“There’s never a dull moment in the world of Power Slap,” White said closing the episode.