Episode 3 Recap | Power Slap: Road To The Title Season 2

Recap All The Action, From The House To What Happened At The Striker’s Podium On Episode 3 Of Power Slap: Road To The Title Season 2

Brian Ellis and Mike Jackson faceoff in this qualifying match on Power Slap 2: Road to the Title

Season 2 of Power Slap: Road To The Title is underway and already off to a wild start. Catch up on everything that’s happened on the groundbreaking reality show on Rumble and on PowerSlap.com.

Episode 3 started with an up-close look into the lives of heavyweights Miles Jackson and Brian Ellis. The two big men talk business and why they have to make it into the house, then we see both enter the UFC APEX for their bout.

Ellis won the toss and elected to strike with his right on three. The Team Muniz member landed a massive power strike that put Jackson out instantly and as Jackson fell, he smacked his head on the striker podium. The slap elicited a reaction of disbelief from Dana White as he looked on and saw Ellis celebrating.

Brian Ellis and Mike Jackson faceoff in this qualifying match on Power Slap 2: Road to the Title

That’s when the ref called out the foul for stepping, turning Ellis’ incredible knockout win into a disqualification. Despite the DQ, the Power Slap brass was beyond impressed with Ellis’ power.

“That was arguably the hardest hit we’ve ever had,” Power Slap President Frank Lamicella said to which the UFC CEO replied, “Not arguably.”

Ellis was emotional after the DQ loss, claiming that he hates losing and he will do whatever he needs to do to solidify his opportunity to come back. Jackson said, “a win is a win” and that he’ll take it.

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Ryan Wallace and Sorin Comsa met on Power Slap Road to the Title Season 2: Episode 3

The episode moves on to the light heavyweight match between Team KO Chris’ first overall pick Ryan Wallace and Team Muniz’ Sorin Comsa.

We see Wallace talking about his weight loss journey and how Power Slap: Road To The Title season one made him want to compete in slap fighting. In addition to his initial interest, Wallace ran into No. 2 ranked heavyweight Duane Crespo and the two began training together.

The episode shows Comsa competing in a slap competition that went viral due to the swelling on Comsa’s face. The Romanian casino bodyguard comes from a village of 3,000 people and he’s determined to showcase that he’s the new wave of light heavyweight.

Both athletes made weight and Wallace won the coin toss, he chose to strike with his right on three.

His strike was a fair strike that clearly hurt Comsa, who stumbled a bit but found his footing and was able to recover. KO Chris warned Wallace that Comsa may commit a foul on his strike, and sure enough, he did step. The head coach and Wallace got hyped together before Wallace’s second slap.

This time, Comsa handled the strike better, buckling a little bit but he wasn’t nearly as hurt as he was after the first strike. After Comsa recovered, he returned with a perfect strike that sent Wallace’s ear plug flying.

Wallace was out and, just like that, Comsa came back from almost getting knocked out and committing a foul, to upsetting the first overall pick.

White was beyond impressed with Comsa’s performance and he calls him a “force” in the division.

The episode wraps after we see Team Muniz heavyweight Delvin Hamlett and Team KO Chris heavyweight Jonathan Correa weigh-in and approach the Power Slap stage.