Episode 7 Recap | Power Slap: Road To The Title Season 2

Recap All The Action, From The House To What Happened At The Striker’s Podium, On Episode 7 Of Power Slap: Road To The Title Season 2

The first round of the competition has come to a close, and it’s clear that Power Slap: Road To The Title Season 2 is only going to get more wild. Catch up on everything that’s happened on the groundbreaking reality show on Rumble and PowerSlap.com.

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Episode 7 jumps right into the drama surrounding Team Muniz’s Chris “Full Metal” Debow, after Debow unexpectedly fell ill at the weigh-ins before his match with Team KO Chris’ Sean “The Infamous” Kilmartin.

Debow’s illness was due to dehydration, and he was not medically cleared to compete in his welterweight match with Kilmartin. Dana White and company called one of the Road To The Title alternate contestants, Ed Smith, aka “Slambo,” to step in versus Kilmartin.

Right when “Slambo” stepped into the Power Slap house, Kilmartin got right into his face. The two went forehead to forehead in a heated faceoff moment with plenty of talking that fired both strikers up.

Coach Muniz and “Slambo”s gameplan prior to the slap was to measure and slap on one. They think that Kilmartin won’t be ready for it.

“Slambo” won the coin toss he opted to follow through on what his coach advised him, and he measured and slapped on one. He landed a devastating strike that dropped Kilmartin and put him out. The strike was so powerful that White was awestruck, but then he learned that “Slambo” committed a stepping foul on his strike.

“Stepping f****** foul,” White said with disappointment.

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The strike also prompted Coach KO Chris to yell at Muniz, telling him that he teaches stepping to his strikers, and he can’t wait to strike with him. The trash talk was escalating and forced people to separate the coaches. The winner of the match was Kilmartin by disqualification.

Both coaches and White were impressed with “Slambo” and hope to see him bring that power back in the future with better technique.

What a way to end the first round.

Moving into round two, there were two strikers that won by disqualification, but they weren’t medically cleared for the second round. Those two were Miles Jackson and Sean Kilmartin. Other changes to the competition included the return of Brian Ellis at super heavyweight, Eddie Brahimir as an alternate at middleweight. Eviahn Scott at super heavyweight, and “Slambo” at welterweight. Lorenzo Florean and Hayden Southall also joined the competition on Team KO Chris.

The strikers that were awarded byes at the start of the competition – Garret Grimes, “Slappy Joe” Landman, Cody Belisle, and Coltin Cole – returned to the bracket.

With that, White turned the attention to the first match of round two. Branden “The Butcher” Bordeaux and “Slappy Joe.”

KO Chris believes that Bordeaux, despite showing off an impressive chin and slapping clean in round one, can really excel with a little more coaching. As he’s helping fine tune Bordeaux’s strike, Team Muniz comes into the training area talking trash to Team KO Chris. Things are really getting tense between Muniz and Chris ahead of their meeting at Power Slap 6 on February 9.

Bordeaux won the coin toss, electing to strike first with his right on three. “Slappy Joe” ate the clean strike and he got hyped afterward. He recovered and returned with a right-handed strike on three that Bordeaux absorbed with ease. It was a tense round one that was pretty even.

Bordeaux’s second strike was better than his first and it caused some damage on “Slappy Joe.” The same thing happened when “Slappy Joe” stepped to the striker’s podium. He landed his best strike yet and pushed Bordeaux back.

The final round looked just like the second, with both strikers landing clean and with power. The match went to the judge’s scorecards, and it was probably the best match of the season thus far. Back and forth, with great chins and, most importantly, it was all clean.

Bordeaux won the match by unanimous decision, with the amount of damage he inflicted being the main factor that led to the win.

The episode ends by spotlighting the second-round super heavyweight matchup between Team Muniz’s Makini “Big Mak” Manu and new Team KO Chris’ member Hayden “Sumo Slapper” Southall.