Episode 6 Recap | Power Slap: Road To The Title Season 2

Recap All The Action, From The House To What Happened At The Striker’s Podium, On Episode 6 Of Power Slap: Road To The Title Season 2

The first round of the competition has been a wild one, and it’s clear that Power Slap: Road To The Title season 2 has lived up to the hype. Catch up on everything that’s happened on the groundbreaking reality show on Rumble and PowerSlap.com.

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Episode six kicks off on fight day for Team KO Chris’ Merlis “Action Jackson” Muusikus and Team Muniz’s Johnny “Be Good” Anderson.

The 33-year-old Anderson won the toss and elected to strike first with his right on three. Muusikus ate the strike with ease and nodded as if the strike didn’t have any effect. Mussikis clubbed Anderson with his first strike. The strike stumbled Anderson and prompted the father of three to let Muusikus know that the strike didn’t hurt him.

Unfortunately, Anderson clubbed Muusikus on his second strike, giving Muusikus a chance to even up the score with his strike. Muusikus’ second strike was a beauty that dropped Anderson to the floor, but Anderson got up quickly and recovered before the ten count.

Anderson’s third strike was his best of the match, but Muusikus ate the strike. Muusikus landed clean again and put Anderson down yet again. This time, Anderson waited until the count of seven to get back to his feet, but he recovered to make it to the judges’ scorecards.

Muusikus won the match by unanimous decision, and he moved on to round two.

Next up, we learn about the final pair of super heavyweights in the competition, Team KO Chris’ Eviahn “The Waterboy” Scott and Makini “Big Mak” Manu.

Manu describes his journey as a football player and how his son with down syndrome has shaped how he approaches life. Scott describes how his two children and the dream to provide them with a quality upbringing motivates him to win the competition.

Manu won the coin toss and the 416.5-pound striker slapped right on three. Manu connected with a powerful strike, but he stepped. The most important part about the strike was that Scott, despite taking a really big slap, immediately yelled in a triumphant fashiom. With the psychological game going in his favor, Scott returned up a point with his first strike.

Scott went right on three and he clubbed Manu. Round one was even on the scorecard. Manu landed with a great strike that was clean. The strike pushed Scott’s head to the side, but the former semi-pro football player didn’t take a step back. He looked Manu in the eye and told him that he was going to eat all his strikes. Scott’s second strike looked nearly identical to his first – clubbing and all. With two striking fouls, Scott was disqualified, making Manu the winner.

UFC CEO Dana White believes that the lack of experience played a factor in both strikers committing striking fouls. Even though Scott lost, White says he is considering giving him another look at some point.

The episode ends by spotlighting the final match of round one, a welterweight matchup between Team Muniz’s Chris “Full Metal” Debow and Team KO Chris’ Sean “The Infamous” Kilmartin.

Both strikers make the welterweight limit, but the weight cut appeared to take a toll on Debow as he fell ill before the faceoffs. White discusses the precautions taken by the Power Slap medical team and says that if Debow is unable to compete, they will look for a replacement to fill in versus Kilmartin.