Episode 5 Recap | Power Slap: Road To The Title Season 2

Recap All The Action, From The House To What Happened At The Striker’s Podium, On Episode 5 Of Power Slap: Road To The Title Season 2

The first round of the competition has been a wild one, and it’s clear that Power Slap: Road To The Title season 2 has lived up to the hype. Catch up on everything that’s happened on the groundbreaking reality show on Rumble and PowerSlap.com.

Episode five kicks off on fight day for Team Muniz’s Eddie “Spaghetti” Brahimir and Team KO Chris’ Branden “The Butcher” Bordeaux.

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The 25-year-old Brahimir won the coin toss and elected to strike first with his right on the third measure. Bordeaux leaned forward a bit and seemed a little wobbled, but it was a clean strike, and Bordeaux’s chin was definitely impressive. Bordeaux also went with a right-handed strike on three and he landed clean.

Bordeaux’s strike seemed to bother Brahimir, his reaction to taking the blow even prompted Dana White to say, “Holy s*** , I don’t know if that kid can take two of those.”

Round two started off with a scream and strike from Brahimir. It was clean and powerful, but Bordeaux ate it. Bordeaux’s second strike was another great strike, which opened a cut on Brahimir. He recovered and yelled out to make sure that Bordeaux knew he was going to bring the heat on his final attempt.

Brahimir landed clean on the third strike but, once again, Bordeaux wasn’t fazed. The Michigan native pointed at Brahimir and let him know that he was going to strike him again. Brahimir ate the strike and the match moved on to the scorecards.

Bordeaux won by unanimous decision, but both middleweights showcased that they have chins, great technique and they strike clean.

Super heavyweights were up next, with Team Muniz’s Hayden “The Sumo Slapper” Southall and Team KO Chris’ Micah “Unko” Seiuli.

Southall and fellow super heavyweight Makini Manu competed in the sandpit at the house in some sumo, with the loser going into the ice tub. Southall won 2-1 and Manu was a good sport about it and lightened the mood in the house.

Coach Manny Muniz gave Southall some advice on how to avoid flinching, which is the Texas native’s biggest worry in the match.

Seiuli talks about competing versus super heavyweight champion Da Crazy Hawaiian on Power Slap 3, and how, despite the fact that they were friends from high school, he enjoyed the match. Seiuli lost the match to Da Crazy Hawaiian, but showcased he had all the tools to compete with the champ.

814 pounds combined, it doesn’t get any bigger than this.

Southall won the coin toss and the right to strike first. The “Sumo Slapper” went right on three, he clubbed Seiuli and the strike was fairly soft. It didn’t even come close to getting a reaction out of Seiuli. “Unko” went left on three and delivered a clean slap, but Southall ate it easy.

Southall stepped it up with his second strike, connecting with a smack that got White to nod his head in appreciation. Seiuli let him know that it wasn’t good enough and returned with a strike that looked just like his first and it came with the same result, a no reaction from Southall and perfect defense.

The final round started with both coaches providing some adjustments. Muniz wanted more energy from Southall while KO Chris wanted Seiuli to push through his slap more.

Southall’s third strike knocked Seiuli’s earpiece out, but the big Hawaiian remained standing. It was a clean strike and had just as much quality as his second. Seiuli’s third strike looked just like his first and second, causing little to no damage or reaction from Southall.

KO Chris, Muniz, and White were a little surprised and disappointed with the performance from Southall and Seiuli, and White wasn’t surprised that the match was scored a majority draw.

“Not that impressive,” White said.

The episode ends by spotlighting the upcoming middleweight matchup between Team KO Chris’ Merlis “Action Jackson” Muusikis and Team Muniz’s Johnny “Be Good” Anderson.