Episode 9 Recap | Power Slap: Road To The Title Season 2

Recap All The Action, From The House To What Happened At The Striker’s Podium, On Episode 9 Of Power Slap: Road To The Title Season 2

Episode 9 jumped right into fight day for heavyweights Logan Greenhalgh and Delvin Hamlett.

In the first round, Greenhalgh won by first-round knockout and Hamlett won by second-round knockout.

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White invited the strikers competing on Power Slap 5 to come to the UFC APEX to watch the second round of matches with hopes that their presence would increase the intensity in the room.

Hamlett won the coin toss and elected to strike first, going with his right on the third mark. Hamlett’s strike was a clean one, but Greenhalgh licked his fingers to indicate that he ate the strike. Greenhalgh missed high on his return slap, giving Hamlett the advantage going into round two.

Hamlett landed a great second strike that clearly affected Greenhalgh. It was the best strike of the match to that point, and it inspired Greenhalgh to verbally announce that he needed to land a great second slap. And he did just that, striking Hamlett hard and clean, which made Hamlett lean forward on the podium.

The third and final round started off with Hamlett landing a strike that looked just like his second one. It made Greenhalgh shuffle his feet just a bit and it was evident that the power of Hamlett was taking a toll. But Greenhalgh wasn’t done. His final strike was the best one from either striker, and it stunned Hamlett. On wobbly legs, Hamlett took all ten seconds to recover, and it was deemed that he did.

It was a great match, one of the best of the season, for sure. White said that the match was “about as close as you can get.”

The judges gave the decision to Greenhalgh, but it was a razor close and equally impressive from both strikers. Greenhalgh moves on to compete at Power Slap 6. Hamlett thought the match was a draw, but he wasn’t discouraged, and he is excited to see what happens in his next opportunity.

White was so impressed by middleweight Eddie Brahimir that despite his loss in round one of the competition, he decided to give him a chance to compete for a spot on Power Slap 6. They searched for someone to take the match on short notice and found Amir Nuriddeen, a veteran who has competed multiple times for Power Slap.

Brahimir says that he’s confident, based off what he’s seen from Nuriddeen, that he’ll knock him out. Nuriddeen talks about working on his defense and how his technique has been improving since his other appearances for Power Slap.

Then, in training, Team KO Chris’ Lorenzo Florean hurt his left elbow. The super heavyweight striker deemed that the right move was for him to leave the house and hope for another opportunity in the future. To replace Florean, former Power Slap 4 competitor Cody “The Kraken” Vallo came into the house.

The show moved to fight day for Brahimir and Nuriddeen. The trash talk was flying between the two middleweights.

Nuriddeen won the toss, and he slapped first, electing to strike with his right on the second beat. Nuriddeen clubbed on the strike and lost a point. Brahimir returned with a picture-perfect right-handed strike that put Nuriddeen face down on the stage and the celebration was on for the Canadian.

The knockout win put Brahimir into Power Slap 6 and had White claiming that Brahimir definitely belongs in the sport.

The episode ended by spotlighting the second-round super heavyweight matchup between Team Muniz’s Danie “Pitbull” Van Heerden and new Team KO Chris member Cody “The Kraken” Vallo.