Sheena Bathory Was Destined For The Power Slap Spotlight

Budding Star Sheena Bathory Brings Eyes To The Power Slap 6 Co-Main Event

On Instagram, 172 million plus people have watched Sheena Bathory’s reaction to getting slapped at Power Slap 5. In the video Bathory eats a slap from opponent Christine Wolmarans and immediately blows a kiss back to Wolmarans.


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That video isn’t the only viral moment that features Bathory. As a matter of fact, pretty much any time footage of her lands on a social media feed, the views go through the roof. Bathory has all the makings of a Power Slap star, and her knockout wins make her one of the elite strikers in the sport.

Bathory is loving the heightened exposure that has come with her success in Power Slap. She’s 2-0, with two great knockout wins on her resume, and she truly feels like this sport is made for her.


And she sees 2024 as the biggest year yet for both Power Slap and for her career.

“I knew that Power Slap was going to be big and it’s only going to be bigger and it’s all around the world,” Bathory told “I just feel lucky that I get the opportunity to become famous with this new sport. But I think it suits me pretty well because I have a very dominant side and I can’t release that.”

One of the keys to making 2024 the best year yet is to keep adding spectacular performances to the highlight reel. To be able to do that, Bathory needs opponents, which isn’t the easiest thing to find in such a new sport.

Bathory got her wish of a quick turnaround when the promotion found her an opponent, Jackie Cataline, for Power Slap 6 on February 9.

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Cataline is a professional MMA fighter who was on the United States national wrestling team for 21 years. In other words, Cataline is a combat sports veteran and is more than up to the challenge that comes with competing in a new sport for the first time opposite someone with experience like Bathory.

Seeing quality opponents such as Cataline step up to the podium is a sure sign that the sport is growing, and Bathory hopes that as she continues to find success in Power Slap, other women will see it as an avenue they’d like to pursue.

“I feel like everything is speeding up. They are finding me opponents sooner and I think this year is going to be big, not just for me, but for the female side of the sport,” Bathory said. “My goal is not only to be the best, but I hope that I can actually help bring more girls to this sport.

“I want to meet more badass girls.”

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While there’s no doubt that she hopes the sport continues to expand, Bathory’s long term goal is to be right at the top. She wants to dominate her matches and win in emphatic fashion. Yet her goals centered around growing the sport get checked at the door when she’s in fight mode.

That’s when the transformation happens. Bathory goes from all smiles and being very personable to laser focused and stern. That’s when “The Hungarian Hurricane” comes alive.

And once she’s at the striker’s podium, any of her opponents could be on the wrong end of a new viral video. That’s what she considers the price of signing the contract to compete.

“Once I get into my zone, I’m going to make it happen. I have no fear. I am not worried about pain,” Bathory said. “I’m definitely in my fighting zone. That may be scary for others, but I’m not trying to intimidate people. But my plan is to make sure she goes down after my strike. I’m trying to add her to my knockout highlight reel.”

Winning a third Power Slap match and doing so in the co-main event of Power Slap’s first publicly ticketed event is just another step toward superstardom for Bathory. She is confident that she has all the physical and mental tools to determine what the blueprint of greatness looks like for a Power Slap athlete.

And on February 9, live and free on Rumble, she plans on showing that yet again.

“I don’t really have limits in this sport.”

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