Match By Match Preview | Power Slap 6: KO Chris vs Muniz

Preview Each Of The Twelve Power Slap 6: KO Chris vs Muniz Matches Hitting The Stage At Durango Casino & Resort On February 9

The first Power Slap event of 2024 is upon us, as Power Slap 6: KO Chris vs Muniz is set to take place at Durango Casino & Resort in Las Vegas on Friday February 9. The sold-out event features the high-stakes Power Slap welterweight title match between Christapher Thomas and Manny Muniz.


Power Slap 6 will also serve as the epic conclusion to Power Slap: Road To The Title season two, which featured a whole new crop of strikers looking to start their Power Slap journey.

Here’s a closer look at each of the matchups taking place live and free on Rumble.

Welterweight Championship Main Event: Christapher Thomas vs Manny Muniz

Location: Durango Casino & Resort – Las Vegas, NV

Where To Watch For Free: Rumble at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT

Other Main Card Matches:

  • Sheena “The Hungarian Hurricane” Bathory vs Jackie “The Hybrid” Cataline
  • Dorian “Disturbing The Peace” Perez vs Brian “The Predator” Ellis
  • Nate “The Buffalo Soldier” Burnard vs Ryan “The King Of Kings” Phillips

Prelim Matches:

  • Danie “Pitbull” van Heerden vs Makini “Big Mak” Manu
  • Wesley “All The Smoke” Drain vs Garrett Grimes
  • Garrett “Flaco” Blakesslee vs TJ “The Gorilla” Thomas
  • Delvin “The Kuntry Hoodlum” Hamlett vs Vernon “The Mechanic” Cathey
  • Duane “The Iron Giant” Crespo vs Logan “Kill Shot” Greenhalgh
  • Zachary “Dub-Z” Zane vs Cole “Full Send” Young
  • Branden “The Butcher” Bordeaux vs Eddie “Spaghetti” Brahimir
  • Robert “The Real Deal” Trujillo vs Dallas “El Tigre” Marron

Main Event: Christapher Thomas vs Manny Muniz

The stakes are usually the highest when either a title is on the line or when two competitors really don’t like each other. Luckily for us, both scenarios are in play when Power Slap welterweight champion Christapher “KO Chris” Thomas faces Manny Muniz in the main event of Power Slap 6.

These two were contestants on the inaugural season of Road To The Title and then came back to coach opposite one another for season two of the show. It was clear throughout Road To The Title that tensions ran high in every verbal exchange, so much so that the two coaches had to be physically separated on more than one occasion.

“KO Chris” made his way up the welterweight ranks by being one of the most electric strikers on the planet. He knocked out all five of his Power Slap opponents on his way to claiming the welterweight strap on Power Slap 1.

Muniz started off as a middleweight, but after some close matches he decided to drop a weight class and make his way to the top at 170-pounds.

Something’s gotta give at Power Slap 6, as Muniz has never been knocked out and “KO Chris” has done nothing but win by knockout. It’s going to be one heck of a main event.

Co-Main Event: Sheena Bathory vs Jackie Cataline

Thanks to two viral knockouts, Sheena Bathory has quickly become of the biggest stars in Power Slap today. Filling out the women’s ranks and finding opponents to match up with Bathory hasn’t been the easiest task, but Jackie Cataline was happy to step up to the podium to face Bathory at Power Slap 6.

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Cataline is a professional mixed martial artist and spent 21 years on the United States national wrestling team. Combat sports has been a major portion of her life, and while she hasn’t done Power Slap yet, she’s confident that she can prove that Bathory isn’t the unbeatable force the internet has made her out to be.

On the flip side of the coin, Bathory has her sights on her third viral knockout, and she wants to showcase that there are no limits for her in slap fighting.

Dorian Perez vs Brian Ellis

Road To The Title challengers collide as season one standout Dorian Perez meets season two finalist Brian Ellis. These two heavyweights absolutely bring it, combining all the best parts of toughness, showmanship, and technique.

Perez is fresh off a knockout win at Power Slap 4 and looks to keep the ball rolling against Ellis, who comes onto the scene after his thrilling comeback win on Power Slap: Road To The Title season 2.

Nate Burnard vs Ryan Phillips

What makes Nate Burnard vs Ryan Phillips fun is the contrast in personality.

Nate Burnard, a security guard for the Buffalo Bills, ran through the competition on the way to a title shot at Power Slap 5. The quiet, but powerful, striker came up short, but he certainly has his sights on a future rematch with Damien “The Bell” Dibbell. His first step in doing so will be when he faces Phillips.

Phillips is one of the OGs of the sport and is certainly the loudest striker out there. “The King of Kings” is an expert at using his talking to get inside the head of his opponents. That was evident in his Power Slap 5 match with Darius “The Destroyer,” as Darius committed too many fouls and was disqualified.

It will be interesting to see this one play out, considering both men need a win to solidify their spot at the top of heavyweight division.

Prelim Matches

Danie van Heerden vs Makini Manu

These two super heavyweights established themselves on Road To The Title season two, winning two matches each to advance to Power Slap 6.

Danie van Heerden hails from South Africa, and he cruised his way through the competition with an iron chin. With each match, Power Slap founder Dana White expects van Heerden to only get better and believes he can be an immediate player in the super heavyweight division. White says the same about former NFL player Makini Manu. “Big Mak” lights up the stage with his intensity and delivers with power.

The entertainment value on this match is high and that’s why it’s slotted as the featured Power Slap 6 prelim.

Wesley Drain vs Garrett Grimes

Former title challenger Wesley Drain meets undefeated surging contender Garrett Grimes on the prelims.

Drain’s record of 4-4 doesn’t do him justice, as the No. 2 ranked middleweight has faced the best of the best each time he’s stepped to the striker’s podium. Grimes looked phenomenal on Road To The Title season two displaying raw power and a chin to gut out a tough match.

It’s a big match, with the winner likely looking at a No. 1 contender fight in 2024.

Garrett Blakesslee vs TJ Thomas

Light heavyweights take the stage as Garrett Blakesslee aims to make it three knockouts in a row when he faces the returning TJ Thomas.

The 23-year-old Blakesslee got into the sport due to Cole Young and has found immediate success. He was happy to talk a little smack on Road To The Title and he isn’t shy about his confidence heading into Power Slap 6. Thomas returns after almost a full year away and he has his sights on putting an end to Blakesslee’s climb up the 205-pound rankings.

Delvin Hamlett vs Vernon Cathey

Power strikers will take center stage at 9pm ET/ 6 pm PT when Delvin Hamlett meets former title challenger Vernon Cathey.

Hamlett had an up and down journey on Road To The Title, but the light heavyweight prospect looks to shore up his form and find success against a veteran in Cathey. The No. 7 ranked Cathey wants to get back to title contention, and a big knockout over someone like Hamlett could do just the trick.

Duane Crespo vs Logan Greenhalgh

This is the matchup on the card that I’m looking forward to most.

Duane Crespo’s form and windup is mesmerizing, and he follows it up with real power. He’s been close to competing for the heavyweight belt a handful of times and defending his No. 2 ranking against a rising star like Logan Greenhalgh is exactly what he needs to get there.

Greenhalgh thrived on Road To The Title season two, showing that he has all the makings of real star. He has serious power, a great chin, and if he keeps it clean, then he’s going to be right in the mix with the best in the world. Beating Crespo is the first test to see how truly ready he is for the top tier.

Zachary Zane vs Cole Young

Exciting welterweights Zachary Zane and Cole Young are set to light up the Durango Casino & Resort stage when they meet on the early prelims.

Zane battled his way through Road To The Title season two, proving that the Maui native has plenty of heart and toughness to make it in the sport. Cole Young has seemed like a budding star just waiting for that breakthrough moment, and finishing someone as tough as Zane could be just that.

Branden Bordeaux vs Eddie Brahimir

Road To The Title season two got off to a great start when Branden Bordeaux and Eddie Brahimir met in one of the first matches of the season.

The two strikers went back-and-forth, landing great strikes and showcasing steel chins. The decision went to Bordeaux, but Dana White liked what he saw out of Brahimir and brought him back later in the competition.

Bordeaux went on to beat “Slappy Joe” Landman in another good match to secure his spot on Power Slap 6. Brahimir made the most of his second chance, knocking out Amir Nuriddeen and landing a spot on the live show.

It was a bit of surprise to see these two matched up again right away, but no complaints here, it was great the first time and hopefully even better the second.

Robert Trujillo vs Dallas Marron

The only lightweight match on the card is set to get the night going, as Robert Trujillo looks to extend his win streak to four straight when he faces Dallas Marron.

Marron made his debut on Power Slap 5 and he made quite the first impression, delivering a highlight reel knockout. Trujillo has jumped his way up the lightweight ladder by knocking out three opponents in a row. This match is the perfect way to get Power Slap 6 started.

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