Manny Muniz: “It’ll Shake Him To His Core”

Welterweight Contender Manny Muniz Has His Sights On Taking The Title From Christapher Thomas At Power Slap 6 In Las Vegas

It means a lot to Emanuel Muniz that he’s been with Power Slap since the beginning.


The 24-year-old California native signed up in 2022 to be a part of the inaugural season of Power Slap: Road To The Title with high hopes that the sport would take off. Sure, there was a lot of learning and things to figure out as a new sport was examined and tweaked, but Muniz adapted as the sport did.

Over a year later, with Power Slap fully established as one of the fastest growing sports on the planet, Muniz was asked to return to Road To The Title as a coach for season two.

“Last season I was a contestant and this time I’m a coach. It’s kind of crazy to see how far we’ve come,” Muniz told Power “I made this decision to take the opportunity and it was a crazy idea and a crazy sport. Jumping into something so new and different. To see the fruits of that decision pay off right now is awesome. It’s only the beginning. It’s showing me the doors to another life.”

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Muniz had some immediate success on Road To The Title, showcasing that he had the chin and the power to hang with the best in the world at middleweight. After splitting two matches with No. 2 ranked Wesley Drain, it felt like the right time for Muniz to drop down a weight class to welterweight.

The move down was always an expected thing for Muniz. He’s naturally a welterweight and coming down a bit made him feel healthier and be on the bigger side of the competition at 170 pounds. The other big advantage is that “No Love” believes that if the middleweights couldn’t generate enough power to knock him out, then there is no way a welterweight can.

“At middleweight there were big hitters,” Muniz explained. “I really don’t think any welterweights offer enough to put me to sleep.”

He’ll put that theory to the test on Friday, February 9, when he challenges Power Slap welterweight champion Christapher Thomas for the welterweight title. The man they call “KO Chris” is 5-0 in Power Slap and he’s knocked out every man to stand at the striker’s podium with him.

“KO Chris” and Muniz coached opposite of one another on season two of Road To The Title and it became evident very quickly on the show that the two don’t exactly get along.

“I don’t like Chris and I know he doesn’t like me,” Muniz said. “The show did a really good job of showing how easy I got into his head.”

As for the trash talk adding extra motivation to the match, Muniz doesn’t really think that will be a factor. He’s more dialed in on executing his game and winning the mental battle against himself. If he does that, he doesn’t think “KO Chris” has a chance.

The match will take place in Las Vegas, on Super Bowl weekend at Durango Casino & Resort. It will be Power Slap’s first ticketed live event and shows that the sport is gearing up for a big year in 2024.

And winning the title on such a big stage is the perfect way for Muniz to launch himself into Power Slap superstardom.

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“Obviously, I’ve been watching Power Slap and been a part of it and headlining my first event. It’s been really funny to me, I live close to Vegas, I’ve been getting messages from friends and family about being on billboards and stuff. It’s really cool to see how far I’ve come in such a short time,” Muniz said. “There’s nothing like this opportunity. To be able to headline an event in Las Vegas on Super Bowl weekend, it’s beyond exciting. You don’t get these opportunities ever and I am going to show out.”

Due to the animosity between Muniz and “KO Chris”, there is a little bit of Muniz that was disappointed that he won the coin toss – and the right to strike first. Usually winning the coin toss and going first is the preference, but in this particular matchup, that was not for Muniz.

He has a point to prove.

“I didn’t want the coin toss at all. I don’t know about Chris’ chin,” Muniz said. “I’m going to go up there and do my job, but, as a competitor, I want him to get a slap. I want to prove that he doesn’t hit as hard as he thinks can.”

“If he can survive my strike, he’ll find out that he doesn’t hit as hard as he thinks he can. It’ll shake him to the core and I’ll take that belt.”

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