Ryan Phillips: “I Am The Face Of Power Slap”

Power Slap Heavyweight Contender Ryan Phillips Plans To Be Crowned The “King Of Kings” When He Faces Damien “The Bell” Dibbell For The Power Slap Heavyweight Title

You can hear Power Slap heavyweight Ryan Phillips from a mile away, and that’s exactly the way the heavy-handed Ohio product wants it. The 40-year-old is one of the biggest talkers in the sport and he’s happy to back it up.

After starting out 0-2, Phillips recovered from an injury over most of 2023. He stepped back on the Power Slap stage at Power Slap 5 and he outperformed Darius “The Destroyer” en route to his first win under the Power Slap banner. He followed that win up with a blistering knockout of Nate Burnard at Power Slap 6.


That knockout of Burnard came in front of a sold-out crowd at Durango Casino & Resort in Las Vegas. It was a true spotlight moment for “The King of Kings” and it launched him right into a main event title shot versus heavyweight champion Damien “The Bell” Dibbell at Power Slap 7.

“’The Bell’ has been around and had some great matches with legends, and his match with ‘Wolverine’ is one of the best matches we’ve ever seen,” Phillips told PowerSlap.com. “But since the inception, I’ve been the face of this thing. I’m the guy. I’m the face of Power Slap.”

“It’s been a long time coming. If I didn’t get injured, it probably would have been here sooner. That’s my belt.”

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Phillips wasn’t sure if the Power Slap team was going to pit him against another top contender before squaring him up with “The Bell,” but once he got that call, he locked into game mode. One of the most important aspects of dialing in for Phillips is the mental game, as he considers “The Bell” to be a good friend of his.Putting the friendship aspect of things aside wasn’t easy to do as Phillips maneuvered through his first four Power Slap matches, but now he feels confident that he’s figured out how to go into battle without any apprehension.

“At first, it was kind of hard to do; I’m not one that has been in professional competition before, so this is new to me. As I learn and progress within the sport, I’m growing within myself,” Phillips said. “Because ‘The Bell’ is a good friend of mine, I see it as competition, but when step on the stage it’s all business.

“You have to trample the weak and hurdle the dead to get what you want.”

And what Phillips wants is to be known as the best in the world. He wants to be the entertainer that fans want to watch live and free on Rumble. Winning the belt and doing so on such a big stage will be a moment for him to skyrocket his profile and his future opportunities.

It’s all just one strike away.

“It’s been a rocket ship and it’s time to put the boosters on that rocket ship,” Phillips said. “I’ve always been someone who likes to entertain and someone who has a ton of energy and people connect with that. Watching two guys slap each other is fun, but guys putting their all into it and getting people to talk about this is important. I want people to say, ‘Go watch Ryan Phillips he’s entertaining and electric’.”

“I want to be the guy that people think of when they think of watching Power Slap.”

Phillips is a big believer in spirits and when he steps on the stage at UFC APEX on April 12, he’s confident that the good vibes will be in his favor, and he’ll be the first man to defeat “The Bell”.

“I think he’s going to be surprised with what I bring and I’m different than anyone he’s faced,” Phillips said. “I’m going to be the champion because that belt belongs on my waist. I am the face of Power Slap and I think ‘The Bell’ has met his match.

“It’s my time.”

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