Power Slap 7 Bonuses

Find Out Which Strikers Earned A Performance Bonus For Their Efforts At Power Slap 7: The Bell vs Phillips.

Power Slap put on another great event at UFC APEX, as Power Slap 7: The Bell vs Phillips delivered incredible moments up and down the card.

It was the highest attended event in Power Slap history with a gate of $137,000.

Here’s a recap of all the results:

  • Ronald Staton (29-25, 29-25, 29-25) defeats Will Woods by Unanimous Decision
  • Cooper Housley defeats Stevie Ray Payne by 2nd Round Knockout
  • Joe “Slappy Joe” Landman defeats Keali’I “The Chief” Kanekoa by Disqualification (Illegal Strike) in Round 1
  • Russel Rivero defeats Cody Belisle by TKO in Round 1
  • Isaih Quinones defeats Ryan Wallace by TKO in Round 3
  • Alan Klingbeil defeats Coltin Cole due to Disqualification (Fouls)
  • Anthony Blackburn defeats Christapher Thomas by Knockout in Round 2
  • Ayjay Hintz defeats Azael Rodriguez by Disqualification (Illegal Strike)
  • Eviahn Scott defeats “Da Hawaiian Hitman” by Disqualification (Fouls)
  • Austin Turpin defeats Wolverine by TKO in Round 5
  • Damien Dibbell defeats Ryan Phillips by Knockout in Round 4

After the matches, Power Slap founder Dana White announced four $10,000 Performance of the Night bonuses:

  • Cooper Housley
  • Russel Rivero
  • Anthony Blackburn
  • Damien Dibbell

In addition, Blackburn was given the $10,000 Crypto.com Bitcoin bonus.

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