Power Slap Wednesdays: Thomas vs. Mishtaku (Heavyweights)

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TJ Thomas vs. Martin Mishtaku — two heavyweights looking to smash their way into the Power Slap rankings!

34-year-old Thomas hails from Columbia, Illinois and has a pretty an impressive MMA background, He’s trained with superstars like Robbie Lawler, Neil Magny and Matt Hughes … and says if he can take a punch from those guys, he can take a slap from anyone.

Martin Mishtaku is a limo driver who joined Power Slap because he wants to be the one chauffeured around … and believes he’s got the strength and chin to become a superstar here.

He’s a big strong dude — 6’1”, 225 lbs. Question is can he hang with the big boys in our heavyweight division?

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