Strikers On The Rise | Power Slap 6: KO Chris vs Muniz

See Which Strikers Have Momentum Heading Into This Week’s Power Slap 6: KO Chris vs Muniz, Live From Durango Casino & Resort In Las Vegas

The first Power Slap event of the year is here, as the stage is set for Power Slap 6: KO Chris vs Muniz on February 9. Power Slap 6 is the promotion’s first open to the public ticketed event and it’s happening at a time where the buzz in Las Vegas couldn’t be higher.

Super Bowl LVIII is happening just down the street from Durango Casino & Resort on February 11, and Power Slap will be one of the hottest events in town.


12 matches are happening live and free on Rumble, including the Power Slap welterweight title match between Christapher “KO Chris” Thomas and Emanuel “No Love” Muniz.


Here’s a full list of the matches that are set to go down at the striker’s podium:


Main Card Matches:

  • Christapher “KO Chris” Thomas vs Emanuel “No Love” Muniz
  • Sheena “The Hungarian Hurricane” Bathory vs Jackie “The Hybrid” Cataline
  • Dorian “Disturbing The Peace” Perez vs Brian “The Predator” Ellis
  • Nate “The Buffalo Soldier” Burnard vs Ryan “The King Of Kings” Phillips

Prelim Matches:

  • Danie “Pitbull” van Heerden vs Makini “Big Mak” Manu
  • Wesley “All The Smoke” Drain vs Garrett Grimes
  • Garrett “Flaco” Blakesslee vs TJ “The Gorilla” Thomas
  • Delvin “The Kuntry Hoodlum” Hamlett vs Vernon “The Mechanic” Cathey
  • Duane “The Iron Giant” Crespo vs Logan “Kill Shot” Greenhalgh
  • Zachary “Dub-Z” Zane vs Cole “Full Send” Young
  • Branden “The Butcher” Bordeaux vs Eddie “Spaghetti” Brahimir
  • Robert “The Real Deal” Trujillo vs Dallas “El Tigre” Marron

It’s an interesting mix of strikers coming from the first two seasons of Power Slap: Road To The Title and strikers who made their debut on live events in 2023.

Here are the strikers who have momentum and are must-see TV at Power Slap 6.

“KO Chris”

The Power Slap welterweight champ is a soft-spoken guy until he’s provoked or if he’s standing on the Power Slap stage. In those moments, Christapher Thomas turns into “KO Chris” – a powerful force who has knocked out every opponent he’s faced. “KO Chris” is 5-0 in his Power Slap career, and he brings the perfect combination of intensity and entertainment each time he competes.

“KO Chris” hasn’t had a match since Power Slap 1, so while things have changed a bit around him, he’s more than ready to comeback and build his legacy as the champion.

During his time as a coach on Road To The Title season two, he didn’t actually get along with his counterpart Emanuel Muniz. The two got into multiple physical altercations and traded trash talk all season. Those exchanges have “KO Chris” charged up and ready to defend his title in devastating fashion.

Sheena Bathory

The co-main event is a fitting place for Sheena Bathory, as “The Hungarian Hurricane” is certainly one of the biggest stars in the sport.

Bathory is 2-0 in Power Slap, with each of her wins coming by knockout. Those knockouts went viral on social media and prompted Power Slap fans to identify Bathory as an unbeatable force. She’ll be put to the test against former USA national wrestler and professional MMA fighter Jackie Cataline at Power Slap 6.

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Another knockout win could launch Bathory to the top of the sport and it could solidify her as a foundational piece of Power Slap as the sport continues to expand.

Danie van Heerden

On Road To The Title season two, Danie van Heerden was one of the most likeable guys on the cast. The South African super heavyweight is quick-witted, funny, high-energy and, most importantly, he has all the components of a great striker.

The “Pitbull” has an iron chin, he’s a clean striker, and he has power for days. He’s a perfect addition to the Power Slap super heavyweight division and his matchup with fellow rising contender Makini Manu is the perfect next test to see just how good he is.

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