Damien Dibbell Demands Respect

Power Slap Heavyweight Champion Damien “The Bell” Dibbell Plans To Defend His Title In Style Versus Ryan Philips At Power Slap 7

For Power Slap heavyweight champion Damien Dibbell, the slap game is all about respect. That means both showing respect and earning respect. That’s why he’s let his striking do the talking all the way to the top of the division.


At just 22 years old, Dibbell feels like he got that initial respect when he defeated Ron “Wolverine” Bata for the belt, but to defend the belt time and time again, that’s how he believes he can build his legacy.

“Honestly, my biggest goal is to try to put my best foot forward. This whole sport is about respect, and winning the belt you have to put some respect on my name,” Dibbell told PowerSlap.com. “Recognition and respect. I was the youngest kid on the card and didn’t have a lot of experience in the fight world, as a whole, compared to a lot of these guys, then I came in and won the belt.”

Winning the title was life changing for “The Bell,” but it didn’t change his perspective on much. He’s still the same Florida guy hitting the gym and helping his friend remove trees. Sure, there may be more opportunities out there when you’re the guy headlining a massive Power Slap event, but the champion views his career with a wide lens.

“This isn’t my end-all be-all, this is just another step-in life’s journey for me. Headlining my own event is a big opportunity for me and I’ll handle it with professionalism,” Dibbell said. “I want to go about this whole thing with no regret or shame.”

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On April 12, Dibbell will put his belt on the line once again as he faces Ryan “The King of Kings” Philips in the main event of Power Slap 7.

Phillips enters the fray fresh off a knockout win over Nate Burnard at Power Slap 6. It was an impressive win and the second in a row from the Ohio striker. Dibbell believes Phillips is a worthy opponent and he’s interested to see if Philips can draw him into deep enough waters that he’ll actually have to tap into his gameplan.

“There’s definitely been gameplans set up that didn’t work. What I usually do is hit them as hard as I can with my basic slap and put them out,” Dibbell said. “I haven’t had to get into the gameplans too much yet. First two or three rounds is just my usual slap.”

On the other hand, Dibbell knows that his opponents are gameplanning for him. That’s the respect factor that the champ was talking about.

“I’m talking about earning the respect to the point where people have to gameplan for you,” Dibbell said. “Who are you concerned about? How do you beat them? You got to earn that.”

The champ knows that his opponents recognize his power and it’s certainly something that will be on Phillips’ mind as the two chalk up on Friday. Two of Dibbell’s three Power Slap matches ended with “The Bell” enjoying a knockout win, and he’s expecting to add another KO win to his resume when he meets Philips at the striker’s podium.

“Honestly, I can see this match ending in a knockout in the first or second round. You’re going to see some big hits and chins being tested. I have the strongest force on the card,” Dibbell said. “The biggest thing for this event is that I want to add to the credibility of who I am as a striker.”

“I’m not looking to lose, and if someone is going to beat me, they have to deliver their best.”

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