Power Slap Wednesdays: Blackburn vs. Santamaria (middleweights)

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Anthony “Babyface” Blackburn vs. James SantaMaria.

Both strikers making their Power Slap debut — looking to impress Dana White and establish themselves and serious threats in the middleweight division.

Blackburn is strong and he’s athletic but he’s never been hit in the face before. Still, he’s got a ton of confidence, says he’s succeeded at everything he’s ever done and wants to represent for the state of Michigan.

James SantaMaria is here to represent for the blue collar workers — he’s a hardcore construction guy who says he’s ready to test himself at Power Slap.

The 29-year-old welterweight says he’s got a brute strength advantage over his opponents from years of swinging hammers and shovels and believes there’s nobody who can bang with him on that stage.

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