Austin Turpin: “I Was Made For This S***”

Power Slap Light Heavyweight Contender Austin Turpin Is Determined To Correct Mistakes And Rip The Belt Away From Wolverine At Power Slap 7: The Bell vs Phillips

Austin Turpin knew where he’d gone wrong by the third round of his five-round Power Slap light heavyweight title match with Ron “Wolverine” Bata.


The Jacksonville native had climbed the rankings, scoring big wins at every one of Power Slap’s live events. In those matches he was dominant, and he knocked out his opponents. But against Wolverine and in his biggest match yet, something was off.

“My first two hits were completely misses. I was hovering over his beard trying to surprise him and I wasn’t focused enough,” Turpin told Power “Round three, I got it dialed in and, in my head, I know what I did wrong. I knew what I did wrong by not touching his face, not measuring correctly, and rushing myself. I already conquered that in my head.

“He got lucky.”

Turpin made some adjustments after his second slap and started finding the mark and having success. Although he took a decent amount of damage, he ate five “damn near perfect” slaps from Wolverine and stayed standing to the end of the match.

Wolverine won that match by unanimous decision, handing “Turp Daddy Slim” his first Power Slap loss. The 28-year-old wasn’t too concerned, however, viewing the defeat as a bump in the road and taking it as a learning opportunity.

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“It was just what I needed,” Turpin said. “A little bit of wake me up and a bit of extra spice on me. All the motivation I needed to f****** dial-in.”

More motivated than ever, Turpin took some time off to hit the weight room and build up his strength. After competing on Power Slap 1 all the way through Power Slap 5, some time off wasn’t a bad thing. That’s when he got the call that he’d been granted an immediate rematch with Wolverine for the belt.

“I’m a dog. I’m a straight f****** dog and I’ll go to war with whoever they put in the dog pound with me,” Turpin said. “They could have given me a guy off the show or the bottom of the list, but I think it was obvious that Little Red Riding Hood ran off with my belt that night and got lucky. Next time I touch this guy I’m going to rip his head off.”

There certainly is no love lost between the two, as Wolverine didn’t feel that Turpin deserved to get an immediate rematch. He felt that Turpin should have had to go back to the pool and handle business against another contender to earn another shot.

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For Turpin it was best case scenario, his happiness level is at an all-time high, and he’s confident that there’s no way Wolverine is going to be able to stop him when he’s living in the moment.

“My hype meter is a million. I’m through the moon and I’m hanging out with the stars,” Turpin said. “I’m going to go get my light heavyweight championship belt.”

Getting the belt and becoming the champion would mean all the effort he’s put into the sport has paid off. He knew that Power Slap was an opportunity, and it was the type of stage that he would thrive on, but to win the belt and call himself the best in the world would just mean that he was truly able to speak his dreams into existence.

“It’s a 180 from everything that I’ve ever done. To have this opportunity to get to have fun and get to show my competitive edge and my inner dog means the world to me,” Turpin said. “It’s the best. It’s far better than anything I could have ever dreamed of. I love to slap people in the face, and getting hit is the jazz.”

“I was made for this s**t.”

And on April 13, live and free on Rumble, Turpin could claim his spot as the best light heavyweight in the world.

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