Power Slap 8 Full Fight Card & Coin Toss Winners

See the entire Power Slap 8 fight card and learn who will strike first after winning the coin toss.

The full Power Slap 8 fight card:

  1. Dayne “Da Hawaiian Hitman” Viernes (1) vs. Duane “The Iron Giant” Crespo (SHW, 3 Rounds)
  2. Jackie “The Hybrid” Cataline vs. Katharina “German Gypsy” Lehner (WFW, 3 Rounds)
  3. Wesley “All the Smoke” Drain (2) vs. Isaih “Pretty Boy” Quinones (6) (MW, 3 Rounds)
  4. Austin “Turp Daddy Slim” Turpin (1) vs. Vernon “The Mechanic” Cathey (3) (LHW, 3 Rounds)
  5. Kamil “Polar Bear” Marusarz (9) vs. Dumpling (Vasilii Kamotskii) (SHW, 3 Rounds)
  6. Paige “12 Gauge” VanZant vs. Christine “The Edge” Wolmarans (WBW, 3 Rounds)
  7. Emanuel “No Love” Muniz (C) vs. Anthony “Babyface” Blackburn (2) (WW Title Match, 5 Rounds)
  8. Da Crazy Hawaiian (Layne Viernes(C) vs. Danie “Pitbull” van Heerden (4) (SHW Title Match, 5 Rounds)

Coin toss winners and striking first are: Crespo, Cataline, Quinones, Turpin, Kamotskii, VanZant, Blackburn, L. Viernes.

On the non-live taped early preliminary card, which will be aired at a later date, the following matches will take place:

  1. Logan “Tank” Greenhalgh (6) vs. Cooper “The House” Housley (7) (HW, 3 Rounds)
  2. Branden “The Butcher” Bordeaux (5) vs. Brandon “The Ripper” Rhodes (MW, 3 Rounds)
  3. Jewel “Kidd Diamond” Scott (2) vs. Zachary “Dub-Z” Zane (7) (WW, 3 Rounds)

Coin toss winners and striking first are: Greenhalgh, Bordeaux & Scott.

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