Power Slap 7: The Bell vs Phillips Results

Recap All The Action From Two Title Matches And More That Took Place At Power Slap 7: The Bell vs Philips

Power Slap 7: The Bell vs Phillips lived up to the hype!

With a mixture of talented strikers from both season of Road To The Title, as well as others from Power Slap’s live events, it was a wild night at UFC APEX. The night was capped off by two thrilling five-round bouts from some of the biggest names in the sport.

The heavyweight non-title match co-main between Wolverine and Austin Turpin was just as exciting as their first match. It was all-action for five rounds that came down to the final strike, with “Turp Daddy Slim” getting the win by TKO on his fifth strike. It was epic and it evens the score between the two. In the main event, Damien “The Bell” Dibbell showed off why he’s the Power Slap heavyweight champion. Dibbell had an iron chin and showed off crazy power when he flatlined challenger Ryan “The King of Kings” Phillips in the fourth round. It was Dibbell’s second title defense and shows that the 22-year-old champ has nothing but great things ahead of him.

Power Slap 7 Results

  • Ronald Staton (29-25, 29-25, 29-25) defeats Will Woods by Unanimous Decision

  • Cooper Housley defeats Stevie Ray Payne by 2nd Round Knockout

  • Joe “Slappy Joe” Landman defeats Keali’I “The Chief” Kanekoa by Disqualification (Illegal Strike) in Round 1

  • Russel Rivero defeats Cody Belisle by TKO in Round 1

  • Isaih Quinones defeats Ryan Wallace by TKO in Round 3

  • Alan Klingbeil defeats Coltin Cole due to Disqualification (Fouls)

  • Anthony Blackburn defeats Christapher Thomas by Knockout in Round 2

  • Ayjay Hintz defeats Azael Rodriguez by Disqualification (Illegal Strike)

  • Eviahn Scott defeats “Da Hawaiian Hitman” by Disqualification (Fouls)

  • Austin Turpin defeats Wolverine by TKO in Round 5

  • Damien Dibbell defeats Ryan Phillips by Knockout in Round 4

Power Slap 7 Prelim Results

Ronald Staton (29-25, 29-25, 29-25) defeats Will Woods by Unanimous Decision


Light heavyweights got the party started at UFC APEX, with Ronald Staton and Will Woods meeting at the striker’s podium.

Staton won the coin toss and elected to strike with his right on the third count. Woods ate the clean strike with ease and gave Staton a fist bump. Woods returned fire with a clean power strike that clearly hurt Staton. The Buffalo native delivered a solid strike in his second strike that sent Woods stumbling back and to the stage floor. It was a great strike from Staton and really put the pressure on Woods to land an even better strike than his first. Unfortunately for Woods he clubbed and his strike had little to no effect on Staton. After the point deduction to Woods, Staton picked up right where he left off. He slapped Woods to the floor with a perfect strike but somehow Woods beat the count and recovered in time for his third and final strike. The finally strike was clean from Woods but it didn’t do any damage.

It was a great performance from Staton, who won the match (29-25, 29-25, 29-25). It was a great way to get his first Power Slap victory. Staton moves to 1-1 while Woods falls to 0-2.

Cooper Housley defeats Stevie Ray Payne by 2nd Round Knockout


Heavyweight Stevie Ray Payne won the coin toss and delivered a clean strike on his first slap. It had an effect on Cooper Housley, who clubbed on his first attempt. The strike didn’t do much damage to Payne who leaned forward on the podium and stared Housley down. After Payne recovered he delivered his second strike with his right hand on three. It was a good slap which made a noise that got the crowd reacting, but Housley didn’t flinch. Housley, knowing that he clubbed on the first strike switched things up to go with his right on one.

Housley landed a massive strike that put Payne out clean. Payne hit his head on the podium and then bounced back to the floor. It was a highlight reel knockout and a clean strike for Housley. A massive comeback and an incredible slap.

Housley moves to 2-0 and makes himself a heavyweight to watch on the Power Slap circuit. Payne drops to 0-2.

Joe “Slappy Joe” Landman defeats Keali’I “The Chief” Kanekoa by Disqualification (Illegal Strike) in Round 1

The middleweight bout between Joe “Slappy Joe” Landman and Keali’I “The Chief” Kanekoa came to a quick and unfortunate ending.

The middleweight newcomer won the coin toss and went first at the striker’s podium. “The Chief” took out Landman with his first strike, knocking out the No. 8 ranked middleweight. Only problem is that Kanekoa was stepping and was disqualified with the strike, giving Landman the win.

It was a disappointing result for all parties involved, but the strike certainly showcased that if Kanekoa can clean it up he’ll have the power to be a difference maker in the middleweight division. Landman moves to 2-3, and Kanekoa falls to 0-1.

Russel Rivero defeats Cody Belisle by TKO in Round 1

Powerful light heavyweight hitters got things started on Rumble, with veteran Russel Rivero and Road To The Title season two’s Cody Belisle.

Rivero won the coin toss, electing to strike first with his right hand on the third count. Belisle flinched on the clean strike, giving Rivero a second strike in the first round. The No. 3 ranked Rivero took full advantage of the second strike landing a clean blow that sent Belisle stumbling backwards into the arms of the catchers. After a few seconds the referee determined that Belisle wasn’t recovered and called the match.

Rivero moves to 3-3 and sets himself up for a chance at the light heavyweight belt sooner rather than later. Belisle drops to 1-2.

Isaih Quinones defeats Ryan Wallace by TKO in Round 3

Middleweights Isaih Quinones and Ryan Wallace met in a clash to get their first Power Slap victory met on the UFC APEX stage.

Quinones won the strike and opted to go with his right hand on the first count. The move didn’t pay off as Quinones clubbed Wallace. The Road To The Title season two middleweight ate the foul well and returned with a right hand on three. “The Joker” landed a slap that drew a resounding reaction from the crowd. It was a fair blow and a great strike from Wallace. Down a round due to the clubbing foul, Quinones switched to right on the third count. The strike landed clean and created a little wobble from Wallace. It was close to a flinch but in the end the referee declared the round clean. Wallace’s own strike wasn’t clean, as he stepped on the strike.

Entering the third round it was anyone’s match, with both striker’s with a foul to their name. Quinones took full advantage of the moment and knocked Wallace out on his third strike. It was a perfect strike that made that perfect slap noise. Wallace tried to recover but couldn’t find his footing and giving Quniones the TKO win.

Quinones gets on the board and now sits at 1-2, while Wallace moves to 0-2.

Alan Klingbeil defeats Coltin Cole due to Disqualification (Fouls)

Coltin Cole got it going but not in the way he wanted. Cole clubbed Alan Klingbeil on his first strike and it fired Klingbeil up. The No. 7 ranked light heavyweight went fast with his count and it caught Cole off-guard, forcing a flinch. On Klingbeil’s second attempt he followed the same cadence and this strike seemed to get to Cole a little bit, but the real problem is that Cole flinched again. Back to back flinches. On Klingbeil’s third strike of the first round, he utilized the same technique that forced Cole to flinch twice and landed clean. It was the loudest sounding slap of the night so far.

After what probably felt like an eternity Cole finally got to strike. He landed clean but Klingbeil ate it and slammed the striker’s stick down on the podium to taunt Cole. This time Cole didn’t flinch on Klingbeil’s slap, he ate it clean and was fired up about his defense. Cole stepped on his third strike – costing him another point. That’s two offensive fouls for Cole and results in a disqualification.

Klingbeil gets back in the win column and moves to 3-1 with the win, with Cole getting his first Power Slap loss (1-1).

Anthony Blackburn defeats Christapher Thomas by Knockout in Round 2

The No. 1 ranked Christapher Thomas and No. 6 ranked Anthony Blackburn met in the featured prelim.

Blackburn won the coin toss and went right on one, wasting no time with the high-stakes welterweight bout. He landed clean and dropped the former champion but Thomas didn’t stay down he quickly got up and recovered. “KO Chris” went right on three, landing a good shot that had Blackburn on skates. Only problem is that he stepped on the strike causing him to lose a point. Blackburn started off the second round with another right on one strike, and this time, Thomas didn’t get up. Blackburn KO’d KO Chris and put himself right in the mix for a title shot.

It was a great win for “Baby Face” who kept his undefeated record and moved to 3-0-1 with the win. Thomas fell to 5-2 with the loss.

Power Slap 7 Main Card Results:

Ayjay Hintz defeats Azael Rodriguez by Disqualification (Illegal Strike)

Road To The Title season one competitors finally got to settle their beef at Power Slap 7. Former Power Slap light heavyweight champion Ayjay Hintz moved down to middleweight to face two-title title challenger Azael Rodriguez.

“Static” got the first strike, but it was a club and forced him to lose a point in the opening frame. Rodriguez returned with a stunner of a first strike that sat Hintz right down. Hintz got up before the count but he was walking sideways to the referee rather than directly to him and that was all the referee needed to see to call the match. It seemed like the perfect performance from “El Perro” until they read the result and it was determined Rodriguez clubbed on the strike. Gutting way to lose in such a big moment for Rodriguez, but that’s the way it goes if you can’t keep the strike clean.

Hintz goes to 5-3 with the win and Rodriguez drops to 6-3.

Eviahn Scott defeats “Da Hawaiian Hitman” by Disqualification (Fouls)

The big boys made their way to the striker’s podium next, with “Da Hawaiian Hitman” facing Eviahn Scott.

Scott won the coin toss and went first, stepping on his strike, and accomplishing nothing but a big reaction from “Da Hawaiian Hitman”. The No. 1 ranked contender got the crowd hyped up before his strike but just like Scott he stepped. So both super heavyweights lost a point on their opening strikes, essentially making round two the real start of the match.

Scott’s second strike was a clean one that got his 388lb opponent to lift off the ground a move a bit, but “Da Hawaiian Hitman” raised his arms up to signal that it was no big deal. On his second strike he landed a massive strike that dropped Scott to the floor but somehow Scott managed to get up and find his footing to prove to the referee that he was OK. “Da Hawaiian Hitman” stepped on the strike, making that his second foul in a three round match and therefore disqualifying him.

“The Waterboy” gets his first win (1-2) and “Da Hawaiian Hitman” moves even to 1-1.

Austin Turpin defeats Wolverine by TKO in Round 5

The light heavyweight title match grudge match turned heavyweight match started off with a bang.

Wolverine used a unique wind up to connect with Austin “Turp Daddy Slim” Turpin on his first strike and hurt him. Turpin was a little wobbly as he recovered for his strike but he shook off the blow. Turpin’s return strike was a club that ripped out a chunk of Wolverine’s beard, costing him a point. Wolverine went back to the same technique for the wind up but his strike wasn’t as effective this time. It was clean, but it didn’t hurt Turpin as the Jacksonville native threw the defender’s baton up in the air after the strike. Turpin landed a huge strike for his second attempt and it was clean, it dropped Wolverine to the ground and he had to use the entire ten count to get back up but he was deemed recovered.

Wolverine’s third strike was clean but it was off the mark and missed Turpin’s chin. With the momentum on his side, Turpin was hyped up before his third strike, but his strike was a club forcing another point to be deducted from Turpin.

The fourth round started after the foul timer, and it started with a picture-perfect sounding slap from Wolverine but Turpin didn’t move a centimeter. The strike had no power to it. Turpin, with two fouls to his name had to make sure his fourth strike was clean and it was a doozy. Turpin connected clean and hurt Wolverine bad, but the light heavyweight champ recovered.

The fifth and final frame started the exact same way the fourth did, with a loud slap from Wolverine that did absolutely nothing to Turpin. Down two rounds due to his fouls, Turpin needed the final strike to be a good one and needed it to be clean. “Turp Daddy Slim” pulled through, landing another massive strike and dropping Wolverine to the floor. Wolverine stood up but after a few seconds he dropped to a knee forcing the referee to call the match. Epic match.

It’ll be interesting to see what Power Slap does after the match went from a light heavyweight title match to a heavyweight non-title match. Regardless it was a great win for Turpin and moves him to 5-1 and drops Wolverine to 3-2.

Damien Dibbell defeats Ryan Phillips by Knockout in Round 4

The heavyweight title was on the line at Power Slap 7. Damien “The Bell” Dibbell has ran through everyone he’s faced, and Ryan “The King of Kings” Phillips was confident that he could take the belt off of him.

The two strikers traded clean but not super effective strikes in the first round, with Phillips striking first and Dibbell returning. The second round was nearly identical to the first with both strikers landing clean but causing no damage. Phillips clubbed Dibbell on his third round strike, costing him a point. “The Bell” decided enough was enough, landing far and away the best strike of the match. The strike forced a step back from Phillips and a deep breath. “The King of Kings” needed to step it up in the fourth and he did, it was a loud resounding strike which was definitely his best of the match, but Dibbell didn’t move a muscle.

That’s when Dibbell put an end to things. “The Bell” connected with a match ending power strike that shut the lights out on Phillips. It was an immediate knockout for “The Bell”, his fourth KO win in a row and his second title defense. “The Bell” is the real deal, wow.

Dibbell adds and second title defense and goes to 6-1 overall. Phillips drops to 2-3.

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