Power Slap 2 Coin Toss Results: Who’s Striking First!? 

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The coin toss plays a huge role in Power Slap, determining which striker gets to slap first. 

The official coin toss event for Power Slap 2 took place on Tuesday May 16, in the presence of the Nevada State Athletic Commission and here are the results! 

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**coin toss winners in bold**

Heavyweight Title Match (5 Rounds) 

Ron “Wolverine” Bata (C) vs. Damien “The Bell” Dibbell (1)

Light Heavyweight Title Match (5 Rounds) 

Ayjay “Static” Hintz (C) vs. Russel “Kainoa” Rivero (3)

Middleweight Title Match (5 Rounds) 

John “The Machine” Davis (C) vs. Wesley “All the Smoke” Drain (1)

Super Heavyweight Match (3 Rounds)

Dayne “Da Hawaiian Hitman” Viernes vs. “Slap For Cash” [Adam Hutchinson]


Light Heavyweight Match (3 Rounds)

Vernon “The Mechanic” Cathey (1) vs. Alan “The Kryptonian” Klingbeil (6)

Welterweight Match (3 Rounds)

Waylon “Ice Cold” Frost (1) vs. Jesus Gaspar Diaz (2)

Heavyweight Match (3 Rounds)

Darius “The Destroyer” Mata-Varona vs. (2) Dorian “Disturbing the Peace” Perez (3)

Welterweight Match 3 Rounds

Cole “Full Send” Young (4) vs. Anthony “Babyface” Blackburn (6)

Welterweight Match (3 Rounds)

Emanuel “No Love” Muniz vs. Christopher “Full Metal” Debow (5)

**Note: the early prelims will be taped and distributed at a later time**

Heavyweight Match (3 Rounds)

Duane “Iron Giant” Crespo (4) vs. Cody “Controversy” Cox (8)

Middleweight Match (3 Rounds)

Azael “El Perro” Rodriguez (2) vs. Jesse “Juggernaut” Nutting (5)

Heavyweight Match (3 Rounds)

Austin “Terp” Turpin (7) vs. Bryan “High Speed” Dozier

Heavyweight Match 3 Rounds

Cory Corbin vs. James “Sassbilly” Stonier

Middleweight Match 3 Rounds

Joseph “Slappy Joe” Landman (6) vs. Amir Nuriddeen (7)

Welterweight Match 3 Rounds

James “Jimmy Jumps” Santamaria (9) vs. Andrew “Uncle Drew” Fields (10)