Meet the Strikers: John 'The Machine' Davis

John “The Machine” Davis grew up on a farm in Ohio — but now he’s focused on plowing his way to the Power Slap title. 

A former power-lifter, Davis began MMA training in 2021 and has quickly earned a reputation as a very dangerous man … something he credits to the tough crowd he rolled with as a kid. 

“Me and my friends from high school were a rowdy bunch,” Davis says … “We would go out and just fist fight and kick each other.” 

Now, Davis says he’s ready to dominate Power Slap — and he refuses to let anyone stand in his way. 

“I’m game to fight whoever, whenever.  I want that smoke as much as anyone else thinks they can. Bring it!”

Power Slap debuts Jan 11th on TBS at 10 pm pt/et.