Conor McGregor: 'I Could Potentially Be the Joe Rogan of Power Slap'

The Notorious is breaking down Power Slap technique!

Conor McGregor believes he knows all the secrets to Power Slap success — and he’s dropping knowledge !

The UFC superstar has been raving about Power Slap for months and was clearly impressed when he saw footage of Sheena Bathory smashing her opponent Kortney Olson into a somersault.

That kicked off a Conor McGregor masterclass on slap technique — and the guy makes a lot of sense!

“If anything, power slap is showing the importance of turning back your shoulder and torquing your torso into the shot,” McGregor tweeted out Friday morning in reference to Sheena’s highlight reel slap.

‘”Turning of the hip’ potentially the wrong terminology being used. Hips less important? Possible also. Turn your shoulder back and torque fully into strike! K.O.”

McGregor continued … “Stabilize the hips. Turn the shoulder. Torque the torso. KO! Where’s my belts and my cash.”

The Notorious was also asked his advice on the best way to take a slap — being relaxed or tense?

“Interesting question. It would have to be better to take it relaxed,” McGregor said … “However, with eyes fully on the slap at all time. 100%! Full awareness with a relaxed brace I would say is best. Then all you can do is pray the opponents sum of force x velocity is less than needed.”

Conor then added, “I could potentially be the Joe Rogan of Power Slap.”

We’re ready if you are!